AU Pacific Ltd.

Our company buys and sells raw gold in Papua New Guinea.

NOTE:   We prefer to buy gold in raw form direct from the ground, or the waterway.
We often reject gold encapsulated in mercury as mercury is poisonous and can kill.
We may also reject gold if contaminated with brass or other foreign metals.

Buying Policies

We do NOT buy on the weight of the gold sample. We buy only on the weight of the gold contained in the sample.
This means that if a sample is contaminated with brass of other foreign metals, we exclude the foreign material in formulating a price to be paid.
All samples submitted in dore bar form or in mercuty will be re-smelted to exclude all foreign materials.

Buy Price

Gold prices are controlled globally from London in the United Kingdom. The price is set twice daily, and we work on this price.

Buy Procedures

When we are offered a sample of gold it will ALWAYS be tested by sophisticated machinery to confirm the true content of gold.
Following our assessment we MAY offer a price IF the sample is clean and mostly gold.
If the sample is in any way contaminated we will NOT offer a price until the sample has been smelted into a dore bar and tested. We may then offer a price for this gold.
We will also smelt gold into dore bar and present a certified copy of the gold and silver content in the bar. A separate cost may apply for this procedure.

Project Shangri-la

Our foundation, PROJECT SHANGRI-LA. supports a number of humanitarian projects in Papua New Guinea and other countries, through many humanitarian projects that our company, AU Pacific Ltd. supports. We are very proud of our achievements in this respect.